Art Communications

A communications background equips Chris with writing and presentation skills that translate very well to the Fine Art arena, where she has written reviews on London art exhibitions. She also delivers lively and vividly illustrated talks on her specialist - and sometimes salacious subject -Ballets Russes and its impact on the visual arts.

Youíll find her written work on this topic in the National Library of Art at Londonís Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Ballet archives and at major arts bodies overseas.

Artist Talks

Diaghilev/Ballets Russes impact on the visual arts:
Ballets Russes/visual arts London Russian Ballet School Feb 2018
Ballets Russes/visual arts London Russian Ballet School Jan 2015
Ballets Russes Arts Evening Trinity School/Shaw Gallery Nov 2014
Arts and Culture Lectures WTC, Wokingham Town Hall Jun 2013
Dance Summer School University of Chichester Aug 2012

Exhibition Reviews

Exhibition Reviews
Tom Wesselmann Still Life, Nude, Landscape: The Late Prints at Alan Cristea Gallery - One Stop Arts Re-View: Onnasch Collection at Hauser and Wirth, London - One Stop Arts
Hurvin Anderson at Thomas Dane Gallery - One Stop Arts Sophie Layton's Building Space at Eames Fine Art Gallery - One Stop Arts
Lanfranco Quadrio: The Agony of Actaeon at Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery - One Stop Arts Thresholds by Karel Nel and Lunar Asparagus by Mimei Thompson - One Stop Arts
Season of Englishness - a-n The Artists Information Company